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Initial Exam and Digital X-rays

Dentist examining little girls teethMany people do not realize how regular examination of their kid’s mouths is essential. For a person who has never been examined before, an initial exam and digital x-ray should be on their radar. Here at Oahu Pediatric Dentistry, we work closely with you to ensure your kid’s dental health remains as well as it can be. We will conduct regular oral exams for them, and perform digital x-rays where necessary.

Identifying Dental Problems Early

It is important to get check-ups for children at a young age. This is because they are still developing, which means that we can guide their development to ensure they grow as desired. This can help to avoid serious complications later in life, potentially preventing considerable discomfort, inconvenience, and cost. We will be delighted to see your kids at our office so we can help ensure their dental health for well into the future.

Taking a Look

One of the first things to do is to perform an initial exam on your kid’s teeth and mouth. This will help us to get an overall picture of their oral health, and determine if any further action needs to be taken. This will often result in a thorough cleaning to help remove any tartar from the teeth. This will help prevent tooth decay from occurring.

We will not usually perform an x-ray, but it can be necessary in some cases. This will help us get a better picture of the child’s dental health and get a more in-depth look at any issues we might have discovered. The x-ray procedure is straight forward and not at all painful. Using modern digital technology, the results will come through almost instantly.

Possible Treatments

Fairly often, we will find a need to perform treatments other than a thorough cleaning. This will often involve Orthodontics that will help ensure the patient’s teeth and mouth develop as needed. In some instances, this might require the removal of certain teeth. Our team will always discuss this with you first and explain what your options are.


One of the best ways to avoid any future problems is with thorough daily cleaning. Children should be educated at a young age that they need to keep their teeth clean. Our team will teach you kids all they need to know in this regard. We will also be able to suggest which toothpaste and toothbrushes to use. We will also encourage parents to supervise their children’s brushing habits to ensure good ongoing dental health.

Further Visits

To ensure ongoing oral health, it is advised that your kid come in to see us for regular examinations. We will be able to advise on when your next appointment with us should be.

Call Oahu Pediatric Dentistry at (808) 201-9956 today if you have any concerns about your child's dental health, and you will get appropriate advice. You can also visit us so that you can get more personalized care. Our team of professionals is always happy to assist you in every way possible to ensure you keep smiling.


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