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Preventive Dentistry
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Boy standing up brushing teethNobody wants to have to deal with any dental issues at any stage in their lives. Here at Oahu Pediatric Dentistry, we have preventive dentistry programs that are aimed at helping our young patients to avoid any kind of dental problems. Preventive dentistry is a form of dental care that concerns itself with educating our clients on how to maintain their teeth and gums. It also involves regular check-ups to ensure everything remains in order.

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Preventive Dentistry Procedures

Preventive dentistry majorly involves dental exams and education. Every appointment with our dentist involves a careful examination of your mouth and dental structure to ensure everything is in order. A digital x-ray might be on the cards as well. Our certified dentists will prepare an appropriate schedule for the check-ups.

After the check-up, the dentists might recommend additional care if he notes any issues, or advise you on how to keep maintaining your kid's gums and teeth. A deep cleansing might be recommended for them after an exam. The recommendation of additional dental care normally depends on how effectively they have been practicing personal oral hygiene. We will walk with you and your kid through the prevention journey to ensure you always have strong and healthy teeth.

Preventive Dentistry is for All Ages

Preventive dentistry is most essential for young children. The dental structures in children are rapidly developing, and close attention is paramount to ensure everything grows in the right place. Early orthodontics are part of preventive dentistry. They ensure your kids do not develop crooked teeth and other teeth misplacement problems. It is important to catch any potential problems at a young age because it will make it so much easier to deal with. Even severely misaligned jaws and teeth, for example, can be fixed if treatment starts at a young age.

Personal Dental Hygiene

In as much as dentists will work closely with you to prevent any dental problems, preventive measures start with you. You have to ensure you practice good oral hygiene on yourself and your children. You can talk to our dentists about oral hygiene for your kids, and they will take you through everything you need to know. Our dentists will also always educate you about various dental issues every time you visit them, depending on the state of your kid's dental structure. We are always happy to ensure you have your kid's dental health intact.

Be sure you and your children see the dentist every six months as part of preventive measures. These visits help monitor their teeth for any issues so that they can be addressed early before they escalate into problems. You should follow all the directions given by the dentists to ensure you keep all dental problems at bay as well.

You can call Oahu Pediatric Dentistry at (808) 456-4555 if you need more information on preventive dentistry. You can ask our professional for advice on any concerns that you have. Make a point of visiting us so that our dentists can take better care of your kid's oral health.

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At Oahu Pediatric Dentistry, we have preventive dentistry programs that are aimed at helping our young patients to avoid any kind of dental problems.
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