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Tips for Brushing
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Young boy looking at mirror and brushing his teethThe team here at Oahu Pediatric Dentistry are happy to help give any tips when it comes to brushing your children’s teeth.

Most people think they know how to brush their kid’s teeth the right way. However, this is not always so. There are some techniques involved in effective brushing of the teeth. Our team offers some useful tips on good brushing practices.

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Choose the Perfect Toothbrush

The first step to effective brushing is choosing the perfect toothbrush for your children’s teeth. The bristles shouldn't be too soft or too hard; they should be hard enough to get rid of deposits and soft enough to avoid bruising the gum. We can suggest a toothbrush that is just right for young mouths.

Keep the Toothbrush in a Clean Place

The place you keep the toothbrush when not in use plays a significant role in oral hygiene. Do not keep your toothbrush near the sink or a place that is exposed to water. The brush might harbor bacteria in a place like this. Always use a brush holder to store the toothbrush and leave it upright. Do not insert it upside down with the head touching the base of the holder. Keep the head upright where it can have access to enough air. You should also rinse the toothbrush very well before storing it. You can also dip the brush in a specially made solutions that will help kill all bacteria.

Change the Toothbrush Constantly

Make sure you change your children’s’ brush now and then. If they keep using the same brush over a long period of time, bacteria may build up on it, including on the handles. It would help if you changed the toothbrush at least once every three months.

Brush Gently

Even if they use a toothbrush with a soft bristle, they are going to bruise their gum if they brush too hard. Teach them to brush their teeth gently for the best results. You will find plenty of toothbrushes on the market that are gentle enough to help avoid causing damage to sensitive gums. We will be happy to advise on which you should choose.

Choose the Right Toothpaste

Choosing the right toothpaste is just as important for children as for everybody else. Again, there are specialist products available on the market that are perfectly suited for children’s teeth. They are designed to help in cleaning and providing protection, while also being gentle on young mouths. Again, our team will be able to recommend the right toothpaste to you.

Brush the Inner Sides

Do not focus all your attention on the front of the teeth alone. Make sure they brush every part of the teeth, especially the molars and chewing surfaces. There may be food deposits on those surfaces, and they may not see that part of the teeth very well. This is why they should brush the inner sides thoroughly to get rid of those deposits. Also, they should floss their teeth thoroughly after or before brushing.

To find out more tips on brushing, contact Oahu Pediatric Dentistry at (808) 456-4555.

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The first step to effective brushing is choosing the perfect toothbrush for your children's teeth. The bristles shouldn't be too soft or too hard; they should be hard enough to get rid of deposits...
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